Love Outdoor Play needs you!

We’re leading a movement to get everyone to take action to make sure more children can play outdoors more often. To strengthen our message and help spread the word, the Love Outdoor Play campaign needs you!

To show your support and keep up to date with all the latest campaign news, email us with your contact details – if you’re an organisation, send us your logo too and we’ll add it below.

Our supporters include…

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Nature BugsPlay MosaicKids logoFree Rangers Forest School NurseryAHFH logoGarden Climbing FramesPlay Association Hammersmith and FulhamFederation of City Farms Community GardensThe Outdoor Learning CompanyAquila sheltersWilderness FoundationPlay Wales
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We are a registered charity which works to improve parks and green spaces by raising awareness, involving communities and creating skilled professionals.


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Brent Play

We are an artist-led studio who combine artistic practice with commissioning, curatorial projects, design and consultancy to explore social, cultural and creative issues. Collaboration is at the core of our creative practice and ethos: involving innovative collaborations in fields as diverse as medical research, music, community development, housing and urban regeneration, pervasive computing, mapping and sensor technologies.

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Squiggle Mum

Wicksteed Playscapes

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104 Responses to “Supporters”
  1. Mike says:

    You might find the series ‘Making Tracks’ of interest – covers the Lakes, Peaks, Dales and North York Moors currently and can be found here – – Walking guides specifically written for children – FUN walks for kids! Can be found on Twitter at walkingbookscom

  2. Matt Kirby says:

    A brilliant site. I agree that children need to be encourage to spend more time outdoors. There is so much that children can learning from being outdoors and it is these experiences that will enrich their childhood and encourage then to lead a healthy active life. Crocodile Web Group sell a range of outdoor wooden climbing frames for children so we are all about encouraging outdoor play. Keep up the fantastic work and we are more than happy to spread the word.

  3. At Active Garden Ltd (active children) we believe in children being active and playing outdoors. We supply a whole range of play equipment for residential and commercial use, so children can play safely in their own garden, as there is growing concern from parents about children’s safety, hence children are not allowed to play on playgrounds or on the street, which most of us did years ago! However, there is no need to buy expensive play equipment, children should use their imagination more! they now have too much available easily on a screen and don’t find the outdoors so interesting. As a mother of two boys, I see how much is put in front of children, screens, games, internet, and it also makes it difficult for parents to keep them away from those “easy choices”. Keep up with the campaign!!

  4. Congrats on such a fab site. We love your old fashioned pictures of you playing when you were kids, not least because the one in the tree looks remarkable like my own older brother? scarily so in fact lol. We at Garden Climbing Frames know only too well the importance of children having fun through stimulating and imaginative outdoor play. You wouldn’t believe the difference something as simple as a pendulum tyre swing would make. If you can’t afford a new one, why not pop to your local garage and ask nicely if they have an old tyre going space. with a little elbow greese (and one of our fab rope conversion kits) it can be cleaned and wrapped around a large tree in your garden or local park in no time at all. On a seperate issue, we are planning to run free play days throughout the summer to promote our climbing frames and garden games by letting kids play for free as long as they like. the only catch is that we will give a brochure to mum and dad who will hopefully visit us in the future. if anybody has any ideas of venues that would be great? we are currently planning to take part in the playday in oxford this year.
    have fun playing outdoors 🙂

  5. Alice Wilson says:

    Hi, we have emailed you asking to be on your mailing list and to be added to the supporters list.
    We are fully behind this fantastic campaign! Please take a look at our website:

    We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  6. Abeda says:

    Hi I am currently working on my dissertation which is about outdoor play and how it has changed from the last generation, how children are spending more and more time indoors. If anybody has any information that could help my research I would really appreciate it,

    • alice says:

      I also did my dissertation on this theme :), a big emphasis was on the change in peoples life styles and perceptions of outdoor activities.

      For example:
      Where once children would walk to alot of places they are now taken in cars/on public transport and quickly bundled from one place to the next (school, nursery, the shops, friends houses etc);
      Because of the media attention to street play ‘ being dangerous/a hoody culture’ alot of children are kept indoors and play on computers/watch TV etc;
      With a high emphasis on risk assessments in schools/youth clubs/ nurseries there is more fear from practitions to let children explore their environment;

      ……..and so on.

      Hope this helps or at least gives you some ideas! Alice

  7. I started doing research fro University a few years ago about the benefits of outdoor play and when we changed our early years setting to continual indoor/outdoor play we more than halved the sickness levels of the children and we were highly commended at the Nursery World Awards 2010 in the Enabling Environment category. It was then that I found my youth again and left the nursery to set up my own company and spread the word about how great the outdoors is for our children and how important it is for our wellbeing. “I Love Outdoor Play” 🙂

  8. GLSPlay says:

    Fantastic campaign , GLS Play supporting all the way

  9. We agree with your philosophy of encouraging outdoor play. Trying to pull children away from play consoles ,computer games, tv and the internet is a task in its self these days. It was all so different when we were younger. I remember going out after breakfast and coming home in time for tea .No mobile phones then for mum and dad to check up on me ! Children need some freedom but also some exercise which is fun .Our trampolines offer exactly this. The OctaJump is also safer so mum doesn’t have to keep such a close eye on them. Plus by adding one of our play dens to a trampoline makes a whole new dimension for creative play, plus the bad weather cant stop play as they’re fully waterproof!

    Peter (

  10. Kate Easton says:

    Everyone should support Outdoor Play – it is so important yet sadly on the decline. As Forest School Practitioners we are behind you 100%

  11. As the UK’s leading garden trampoline supplier we are fully in support of what you are trying to do. Children these days lead very home centred lives, often centred around computers and the television. The trampoline is a useful counter to this, attracting young people into the garden for exercise and play. Our new iPhone app called iTrampoline is available to download free and helps to motivate bouncers to take more exercise aswell as being great fun – it teaches a bit of geography too. We also supply an range of exciting accessories, like a trampoline circus tent.

  12. An inspiring website with a wealth of important and useful links

  13. gylesmorris says:

    Fantastic campaign. If we are going to have rounded informed environmentally responsible adults of the future we need to encourage where ever possible a childhood immersed in play and the outdoors.

  14. muddyfaces says:

    Grazes on your knees, grass stains on your trousers, dirt under your fingernails, twigs in your hair, moss caught in your hood, allsorts down your wellies and of course mud on your face. Do you remember your mums face when you got home that look of horror of how messy your child could actually become, but the next day you pulled on your already holey trousers and were encouraged to set off for another great adventure. Because that is what children did.
    Today it is not quite the same that is why campaigns such as this are so important to break down barriers and remind everyone what play actually means. Keep up the good work.

  15. Hugely inspired by Sue Palmer’s book “Toxic Childhood”, I set up a local group (see here in Huddersfield to try and get everyone talking about and acting on outdoor play. In two years we’ve achieved a lot and I really think it’s making a difference – more kids playing out in the areas we’ve targeted and a really happy atmosphere over this summer. One of the main actions has been an annual Playday (, which has brought everyone together around the topic and been huge fun for everyone.

    On a personal level (my children are now 6 and 3), the best thing I ever did was to knock on doors of new families moving into the area – we are now best of friends and the kids are growing up playing together all the time – whether in our homes or increasingly out and about. I never miss an opportunity to get to know any really local families, as it is those sorts of contacts that make us feel safe giving our children the growing freedom they need. The happiness this gives to children is truly beautiful!

  16. isabel says:

    Hey Ken, leave the trolling to us pro’s.

  17. Joy Davenport says:

    Plymouth City Council supports Outdoor Play and understands the importance of playing in your local environment. What a great campaign best of luck with it.
    Joy Davenport (Play Officer PCC)

  18. Being a big kid who tends to play outdoors quite a bit, it’s only right that I support you more than I do already. Now, where’s those stickers :o)

  19. this sounds like a great opportunity to promote outdoor play and reconnecting the world with nature. im in! 🙂

  20. I came across this campaign by chance. Its a fantastic idea, shame its not that publicised. Isn’t it amazing how we seem to follow America – we seem to be 10 years behind them in so many things – including obesity. Our kids don’t go out and play enough. It almost seems to be a chore. I remember when I was young my firends and I lived outside – climbing trees, playing footy, playing armies with action man. I can’t remember being inside too much. I’m proud of the fact that my company supplies and installs outdoor canopies allowing children to play outside no matter what the weathers doing. Outdoor play is an essential part of life and we need it to be a priority – good luck love outdoor play!!!

  21. At Serendipity our Staff and Children Relish Outdoor Play – We may as well not even have an indoor space! Were too busy outdoors building dens, making mud pies and creating water courses with our drain pipes, we can’t have that much fun, make that much mess and shout so loud indoors! If we weren’t in such a built up area, we’d love a forest school – The way the School has no boundaries… and why? The children wouldn’t want to leave as they are having too much fun! I can hand on heart say I agree with that statement Children just love to be OUTDOORS!

  22. Mel McCree says:

    Yes, let’s crowd source those stickers! Great campaign. I know I live in a good street because children play out in it, take themselves off to the park and generally can be seen wandering adult-free. Let’s hope this campaign helps shift some adult attitudes.

  23. Something I’m trying hard to do in Berkshire (Reading & Wokingham) is get kids to sample fresh air and get dirt under their fingernails.
    I’ve just done a 38km walk to school to try and encourage junior school kids to walk and let Mum leave the 4×4 at home. Details here>> Later on I’m going to be wild camping (on school sites, so nothing to adventurous) the plan being to get kids playing and loving the outdoors.
    Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to link to this site via my web and blog.

  24. Count me in.
    I’d love to support this spine tingling campaign. Add my name to the list of supporters…

  25. Kay Sales says:

    Love your campaign. Wish I was in the UK to join in but I will carry on spreading the word over here in Denmark.

  26. Great site we love Outdoor Play. In fact today our HomeFront youngest has had a lovely time at three o’clock getting very wet playing in a big puddle. After having five children I can say that the best play is outside getting dirty and having lots of fun and learning too. Keep on raising awareness of what a great childhood should be about lots of Outdoor Play.

  27. Happy to support such a valuable campaign.

  28. What a fantastic site! So great to know so many of us are on the case. We need to move out of classrooms and into the natural environment to ensure a future generation of people who are physically and mentally able to care for the world around them.

  29. Okay Guys, there’s gonna be a LOT of linking between us if we’re gonna get this off the ground. Let’s get the OutdoorPlay link and post it wherever we can!!!.. 100 by midnight???… Come on… Let’s make it 1000!!!!.. I dare you!!! 🙂

  30. As a designer/builder of outdoor play spaces we would really like to see more children shunning the lure of the TV & games console and getting outdoors. Outdoor play is essential to our children’s health & development. We need to let them get mucky, climb, swing, run, make dens, plant, chase butterflies, smell the flowers… create a childhood of wonderful memories!

  31. We would love to see more children eschewing the lure of the TV and DS and getting back into the great outdoors. Outdoor play is essential to child development and to health.
    Get muddy, climb trees, make dens, climb hills, plant seeds, make dams, chase butterflies, smell wildflowers… create a childhood of wonderful memories!

  32. As a children’s author, passionate about getting kids outside and connecting with nature, I would love to help this marvelous campaign. Well done guys!

  33. Atlantic Trampolines says:


    This looks like a great campaign and one we at Atlantic Trampolines would be very happy to support. We are a firm believer in encouraging active children and so think it’s a great way to get children out and having fun whilst keeping an active lifestyle.

    We would also love some stickers if you have any that we can help distribute, please feel to get in touch with us if you want to talk things through.

    Steve ( )

  34. Ryan Reed says:

    The very best of luck with your campaign! Getting children and young people outdoors is so important for their, and our, future.

    What a sad place the world would be if we lost those magical moments, and learning, so often present when playing outdoors!

    Again, the best of luck!

  35. We’re an Isle of Man based Children’s Charity and championing the right for children’s outdoor play on the Island. Love the campaign and would love to have our logo on the site to further show our support.

  36. Lucy says:

    As a Play Ranger in the West of Cornwall I love outdoor play!!

  37. SquiggleMum says:

    More than happy to show my support from Australia to this initiative!

  38. Alan Sutton says:

    It’s a great campaign, please keep pushing the boundaries.

    This year we were able to convince the council they can have swings and an arial runway attched to the trees in the park for our local playday event. See our website for more info, especially under the natural play heading.

  39. Kidsinthegarden is pleased to support this campaign. Kids need to be outdoorable.

  40. Wendy Russell says:

    A great way of getting the message out that children should be able to play out – and not always with an adult

  41. Emma Bishop says:

    What a fab idea! I will definately be making sure people I know get the stickers in the cars!! And the Play Rangers can stick them all over their van too!!!

  42. Nancy Gale says:

    I work for a large organization for girls as the outdoor program director. It is surprising and sad how girls tell me that they do not play outside that much. We used to love playing outside all day as children and it helped me find and develop a strong connection to my outdoor environment. Getting kids outside for play is a very important element in conservation.

    I wholeheartedly support your efforts.

  43. Superb idea and I wish you every success in your campaign. My 22yr old daughter’s generation is full of wishy-washy boys, brought up in the ‘elf and safety era. Many of them can’t even drive and rely on their girlfriends to take them out!

  44. Sue Rogers says:

    I spent my whole childhood outdoors and loved it … daughter hasn’t this I don’t see as progress.

  45. Jake Meyer says:

    All the best… kids should be encouraged to get away from their computers and learn to love exploring outside.

  46. Rob Lilwall says:

    Looks like a great idea. Hope it goes well!

  47. We need exciting challenging play areas where children are pulled away from electronic toys and are given the chance to experience fun outdoors with a bit of educated risk.

  48. SirDzl says:

    Great stuff! You may find this Sustrans project ties in very well with what you are promoting:

    It would be great to take the street away from the motor car and give the shared space back to the residents promoting play and community.

  49. Brilliant campaign. This white van lady can’t wait to put a very large sticker on the side of the van!

  50. Great campaign and wholehearted support from myself and Digital Explorer

  51. Playgarden says:

    Fantastic campaign! Playgarden are passionate about outdoor play… whatever the weather!!

  52. Genius. Outdoor play and education are key – its a no brainer – and completely worrying that we need a campaign to get more young people outdoors to learn and play. Nuts – which makes your work so much more important. Good luck, I stand in support as should everyone!

  53. Shaf Hansraj says:

    Outdoor play and education are vital for young people to learn through experience – outstanding campaign

  54. Fiona Exon says:

    The Institute for Outdoor Learning will be pleased to support this campaign. Well done on getting it going.

  55. Delighted to add our name to this list. We work with the resortative and therapeutic benefits of outdoor play and can see huge benefits from children from even the most challenging life circumstances. Thank you for starting this campaign – we wish it every success.

  56. Gail Smith says:

    A must for all however old!!!

  57. Play Scotland works to promote the importance of play and works to make the child’s right to play a reality in Scotland.
    We support this campaign in getting children and young people outdoors to PLAY!

  58. Hornimans says:

    Happy to sign up. I work for an adventure playground, in 2011 whispers of cuts have already reached our door, we have no idea how hard they could hit. Some folk don’t always see the positives of out door play these days, so this is a wonderful campaign. I hope more people sign up to this. Have you also approached Play England and London Play as potential supporters of your campaign?

  59. Sandie says:

    Fully believe everyone should have lots of access to outdoors… currently training to be a forest school leader, so hopefully can get a few more children outdoors having fun!!

  60. Penny says:

    Fully suport your aims. A generation of children are growing up who don’t know how to manage themselves because they are not allowed the freedom to play.

  61. nicola baird says:

    It’s the best idea – I’m going to help my neighbourhood go sticker crazy. Let the good playtimes roll (with mud and blackberry juice too please)…

  62. Emma says:

    Brilliant campaign!!

  63. Love outdoor play ❤
    Fantastic campaign.

  64. Tregony says:

    Very best of luck with th campaign

  65. Rob Ellison says:

    As soon as Kate Jr. is born she’s going hiking!

  66. Emma Jell says:

    There’s a fab school where the head bought all the kids waterproofs and wellies so that they could play outdoors – whatever the weather #inspirational And an interesting article:

  67. Melanie says:

    Encouraging outdoor play is what I’m all about! It’s where kids belong, and grownups too.

  68. David says:

    This campaign is so necessary !

  69. Lucy says:

    Fab campaign. Both my kids would love to play out in the street, and I would love to be able to let them go out independently. Just one problem – TRAFFIC and no laws protecting children from adults in motor vehicles. While walking, cycling, playing kids should have priority and legal protection on all residential roads as they do in The Netherlands.

  70. Janet says:

    As an artist and parent I’ve been amazed and appalled by the phenomenon of the indoor play barn! My 3yo has only been to one once but has a full set of industrial strength waterproofs which get a LOT of use! All power to your elbow!

  71. ssclc says:

    I love outdoor play so fully support it for everyone else too!

  72. Tom says:

    Big support for this campaign – outdoor play is the best way to learn about the world around you!

  73. Alice says:

    In Bristol we are trying to re-ignite a culture of street play through organising short, after-school ‘Playing Out’ events, with road closures stewarded by parents. We would love this idea to go viral and evolve. We’re aiming to launch our website by the end of September, which will provide inspiration and instructions for anyone interested in doing this in their own street. Watch this space!

    • Jackie Real says:

      Dear Alice

      I’d like Bournemouth Council to come on board and support this idea as well. However, some key people want a bit more info about how Bristol managed the street play process. Could you help me with some discussion etc and perhaps some online web meeting or something with some of our key people or perhaps point me in the direction of who could offer me some advice / information. Any help greatly appreciated. many thanks jackie

  74. Philippa says:

    Fun in the sun and pain in the rain, it is all good for kids outdoors. Mine is hardier than me and will be out in all weathers.

  75. Kevin Suess says:

    Great idea! Love it! I try to get my kids outdoors everyday when I get home from work!

  76. Emma McCrory says:

    yes to outdoor play – but looking at the weather outside, maybe not today 🙂

  77. Rhian says:

    Bring on a flood of stickers! As a 6 year old, I cycled round my neighbourhood, built dens in the woods and had a great gang of friends from my street. My parents felt confident that I could play outside and I loved the freedom it gave me. So come back hopstoch and all that entails – our neighbourhoods, and our children, need you!

  78. Adamo says:

    Excellent campaign. We need to get kids outside and playing again! I made mud pies in my parents back garden and went exploring in the woods! Maybe I’m just being naive.

  79. Hilary Ellison says:

    As a teacher, parent and grandparent I think this is an excellent idea.

  80. I am all about the outdoor play love!

    🙂 Bethe, aka The Grass Stain Guru @balmeras

  81. Dawn Hallybone says:

    As a parent and a teacher – I think this campaign is fantastic! Children should be encouraged to be outside and be explorers in their environments!

  82. As a teacher, Mountain Leader and technology enthusiast, I fully support this campaign.

  83. What a fabulous campaign. I couldn’t agree more with the mission and passionately believe in the importance of children being outdoors with freedom to imagine and play. If you haven’t already, read Michael Chabon’s The Wilderness of Childhood. It says it all.

  84. John Rutter says:

    The campaign is a fantastic idea. Getting kids (and adults) outdoors and away from CoD is one of the most important things we can do. And, obviously, it’s also great fun. Time to reclaim the play spaces. Best of luck.

  85. Daniel says:

    I really hope that this campaign takes off. It’s one of those things that could really work for communities with a little investment.

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