Originally posted on Rethinking Childhood:
The Health and Safety Executive – the nation’s safety regulator – is so often the fall guy for everything that is wrong about the way risk is managed. But last week I heard an anecdote that brought home to me – in an unexpected way – the positive role HSE…

It’s health and safety gone sane!

Originally posted on Rethinking Childhood:
I see what you did there. So I take it you are not about to share another crazy story about kids being wrapped in cotton wool. Indeed not. Today is a good day for getting rid of the white fluffy stuff. You see, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has…

Out of sight – not out of mind

Guest post – Ashley Rogers, Play England, coordinator for the Play Safety Forum Playing outside might be dangerous – it sometimes seems crime and anti-social behaviour is rife and around every corner. All the more reason then to keep children indoors and safely out of harms way… Besides what life lessons will be learnt from … Continue reading