Do your children spend enough time playing outdoors? Click here to tell the Guardian!

So do you think your kids get outside to play enough? Do  children at your local school or in your community? Is it the same or different to when your were young? And if so why? This half term the Guardian is asking “Do your Children enough time playing outdoors?“, and will print the thoughts … Continue reading

Can you spread the Love Outdoor Play message this Valentine’s Day?

We Love Outdoor Play and we know you do too! This is a growing movement encouraging everyone to get involved in whatever way they can to make sure more children can play out more often. And because you love outdoor play, do you think you could spread that love on Valentine’s day? How about sending … Continue reading

How important is outdoor play to the early years??!

This letter went all over the #loveoutdoorplay and #playoutdoors community yesterday morning as the brilliant Sue Palmer made the case for children’s need to play in her usual inimitable style on the BBC’s Today programme. It was at about 8:30am if you want to listen again. SIR – We welcome the Government’s attempts to simplify the Early … Continue reading

Guest post: Gareth Palmer describes why he loves outdoor play

Passionate about outdoor play, Playscene “design and install equipment for children, helping them on their journey of discovery”. Here he describes why he loves outdoor play. Riding bikes, football, hide and seek, sledging, playing on the beach.. As a boy I loved playing outdoors.  Riding bikes, football, hide and seek, sledging, playing on the beach… … Continue reading

Romany Greatrex: I love outdoor play because..

Romany Greatrex is a mum, addicted to kids, outdoors, camping, fun, play, music and laughter. An ideal mix for setting up to set up the brand new Festival Kidz which was “born out of loving taking our kids to festivals (unbeatable combination of music, camping, workshops and being outdoors all day!) and wanting to be all evangelical about getting other parents to discover the joys … Continue reading

Nicola Baird: I love outdoor play because..

Nicola Baird is a writer, environmentalist and supporter of Love Outdoor Play.   Brimming with “thrifty, creative and eco-friendly ways to raise happy children”, here Nicola shares why she loves outdoor play along with a beautiful example. “This doesn’t feel like outdoor play” “I love getting muddy” says Orla admiring her now-sodden jeans. Beside her … Continue reading

Sue Atkins: I love outdoor play because…

Sue Atkins is one of the best known parenting experts in the UK, she was also one of the very first people to support the Love Outdoor Play campaign. In the first of a new series of guest posts Sue describes why she thinks outdoor play is so important. Outdoor play, climbing trees and riding … Continue reading

Write a guest post on outdoor play..

We are looking for supporters to write guest posts on outdoor play, here on Love Outdoor Play. Posts can be on one of a number of themes including: I love outdoor play because.. (a personal reflection) We love outdoor play because.. (an organisation’s point of view) Making outdoor play happen (ideas, tips, this campaign and … Continue reading