See-saws and building sites

Who can remember the days when building sites didn’t have; 10 foot fences around them, security guards patrolling them, guard dogs protecting them, flood lights illuminating them and large posters displayed around them suggesting anyone who ventured onto them were at risk of being prosecuted or worse? ‘Back in the day’, many of my fondest play memories … Continue reading

A parent’s gift of independence – ‘roots to grow and wings to fly’…

Reading my colleagues’ blog posts about their freedom and adventures, my thoughts went to my role as a parent of two children. As Katy is five years older than Jamie and so grown up it was always so much easier to say no! But what do you say when your six year old son pleads … Continue reading

Waterfalls and hours of fun!

Tree swings

So sounds like I’m from an exotic Island with palm trees and white sand, right? Wrong! Growing up in a rural village in Scotland where you’re lucky if the temperature hits 15 degrees in the summer is more like it. But being an adventurous child and spending hours and hours of fun ‘doon the glen’ (which is … Continue reading

Ingrid’s big adventure!

One of my best childhood memories of escape and adventure is being allowed to stay at my parents caravan at the age of 14 years old with my friends. Yes, no adults present! Mam and Dad agreed the four of us could be trusted and stay by ourselves for five days in the school holidays. … Continue reading

These were a few of my favourite things

Unchaperoned cycling adventures and swimming in rivers Adult-free exploring of graveyards and bomb shelters that gave us the shivers Going out with older brothers to find conkers to string These were a few of my favourite things. ___________________________________________________________________ Heading out all day with the ‘street gang’ and only heading home as it got dark Walking … Continue reading

Big adventures!

When did you first have a big adventure? I don’t mean the first time you played out on your own, walked to school without mum or stayed out in your neighbour’s garden over night. I mean a really big adventure! When for more than a couple of days you and maybe a friend or two … Continue reading