‘How can a bird that is born for joy sit in a cage and sing?’

Leila Berg the children’s author who died recently wrote Look at Kids in 1972, a book full of bitter sweet stories about the pain of growing up and the prejudice and often hostility of adults towards children. How in our everyday actions we ignore or belittle children’s curiosity, their natural awe of the world, their … Continue reading

Beth Kimberly’s No Ball Games

Last week we asked for suggestions of good No Ball Games, those games which can be played where balls are banned. Here Beth from Playworks describes some of her best favorites.   Watch You Back Tag and other games! For over four years, I’ve been leading games at elementary schools, with organizations or at a … Continue reading

No Ball Games? Help us create a new book!

On the side of walls or sticking out in the middle of parks everyone has seen a  ‘no ball games’ sign. Clearly some are there for very good reasons… others are just grumpy and may as well say ‘children not welcome’. Luckily most games don’t involve balls and we are looking for people to help … Continue reading

Write a guest post on outdoor play..

We are looking for supporters to write guest posts on outdoor play, here on Love Outdoor Play. Posts can be on one of a number of themes including: I love outdoor play because.. (a personal reflection) We love outdoor play because.. (an organisation’s point of view) Making outdoor play happen (ideas, tips, this campaign and … Continue reading