How do we make sure every child gets the chance to be a bit ‘really wild’?

Yesterday I sat in a room with over one hundred mums and dads, grandparents and aunties. They were mostly in the suited guise of chief execs, directors and staff from charities and campaigning organisations, with a few public and private sector representatives. We were gathered for the Natural Childhood summit*, to debate how we can … Continue reading

Getting kids into nature starts at home, inquiry finds

Nature walking

Play England is delighted to be part of National Trust’s Natural Childhood movement, standing alongside other organisations that Love Outdoor Play! Visit our Take Action pages to find out how you can take action today to make sure more children can play out more often, and join in the conversation on Twitter using #naturalchildhood

Great projects to get kids outdoors

Great to see the Exploring Nature Play project highlighted on National Trust’s Outdoor Nation blog this week. As part of the project, activitiy ideas and case studies to help reconnect children with nature will be published on our website soon – keep a lookout at

Launching the Nature App

Would you hand your phone to a stranger asking you to get outside more?? Project Wild Thing! Find out more and share ideas on how to re-wild our children at:

How can we increase freedom to play?

Only one in three children are allowed out to the shops or to walk to school alone, according to a Newsround survey of over 1000 six to twelve year olds out a couple of weeks ago. One in four never go out without an adult. Michael Murpurgo, the children’s author, is filmed on the Newsround site talking … Continue reading

Outdoor Nation & Mission:Explore

Outdoor Nation is a National Trust project to explore the idea that ‘we’ are losing touch with the outdoors and to come up with a plan to reconnect people with nature. Leni is the roaming reporter for Outdoor Nation. At the Outdoors Show in London this week I met up with her and spoke about Love … Continue reading