Communities do it for themselves

This summer, WPA has been supporting communities to get out and play – from Jubilee bank holiday and June half term events, to those happening across the six-week summer break.  Amidst all events that have been held there is one that has stood out as a shining example of  ‘Communities Doing It For Themselves’. Jane, a resident … Continue reading

“Whoever made you a playworker is off their head”

The ultimate insult for a playworker, especially cutting when it comes as a despairing retort from your own 8 year old son. A direct response to my stomping out in to the garden demanding to know ‘what are you doing’ – ‘skidding’ came the reply, obvious really as they were, on a beautiful sunny day, … Continue reading

Volunteers come out to play with WPA – one Mums story……

Did you get involved in helping out a street party or an event over the Jubilee weekend or during this half term? Would you have liked to? This week thousands of people – mums and dads, students and retired people, neighbours – have helped tens of thousands of children have a great time over the … Continue reading