Find out why should you Love Outdoor Play

We all know that outdoor play is essential for children’s health, wellbeing and happiness. So, to help you spread the word about the importance of outdoor play, we have put together some facts and figures for you to use in conversations, websites, Tweets or anywhere else you’re spreading the Love Outdoor Play message.


  • 42 per cent of children have never made a daisy chain. (Source: OnePoll  for Playday 2011)
  • 32 per cent of children have never climbed a tree (Source: OnePoll  for Playday 2011)
  • A quarter of children today have never had the simple pleasure of rolling down a hill (Source: OnePoll  for Playday 2011)
  • 46 per cent of parents say that traffic stops their children playing outdoors (Source: OnePoll for Playday 2012)
  • 44 per cent of parents say they had more time to play freely and do their own thing when they were children than children today (OnePoll for Playday 2012) 


  • 90% of adults played out regularly in their street as children. 1 in 3 of today’s children say they don’t play out in their street at all. (Source: ICM forPlayday 2010)
  • 81% of adults believe that children playing outside helps to improve community spirit. (Source: ICM forPlayday 2010)
  • 88% of parents say that children playing outside helps families to get to know each other in a community. (Source: ICM forPlayday 2010)
  • Over half (54%) of parents only feel confident letting their children play outside if other children are playing out too. (Source: ICM forPlayday 2010) 

Education and learning

  • 88% of parents and 80% of children think that children are better behaved in lessons if they are allowed to play at break time. This rises to 99% for parents of 5-6 year olds. (Source: ICM forPlayday2009)
  • 90% of parents (87% of adults) recognise that having time to play at school helps children to concentrate in lessons. 79% of children report that having time to play at school helps them to concentrate in lessons. (Source: ICM forPlayday2009) 


Crime reduction/anti-social behaviour

  • An evaluation of the Venture Park Adventure Play Scheme demonstrated that over the first five years of operation, juvenile crime dropped by 54 per cent. (Source: Hill-Trout, J Lindsell, S and Pithouse, A. Evaluation of the Venture Caia Park, Wrexham.  Executive Summary. Cardiff: University of Wales, 1995)
  • Dr. Stuart Brown, a psychiatrist and clinical researcher studied the play histories of 6000 people from all lifestyles, including serial murderers. He found that “normal play behaviour was virtually absent throughout the lives of [these] highly violent, anti-social men.” (Source: Dr S Brown, Play: how it shapes the brain, opens the imagination and invigorates the soul, 2009)


  • 63% of parents think that the biggest threat to children playing out is road accidents (Source: ICM for Playday 2010)
  • Nearly 1 in 4 children and young people say that traffic stops them from playing close to home. (Source: ICM for Playday 2007) 


  • 70% of adults believe that children playing outside makes an area more desirable to live in. This breaks down to 75% of parents and 68% of non-parents. (Source: ICM for Playday 2010)

Visit the Take action page for ideas on how you can get involved and help make sure that more children can play out more often.

3 Responses to “Find out why should you Love Outdoor Play”
  1. Great information, thank you.
    Is it ok for me to use this information on my site/blog I have just started about letting kids be kids please?

    • Hamdi Khalif - Play England says:

      Hi there, you’re very welcome. Please do use the information but credit the research appropriately.

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