Ask your MP and Councillors to Love Outdoor Play!

Ask your local MP and Councillors to Love Outdoor Play!

Do you want outdoor play to be considered in local planning, health, education and housing decisions? Do you want children to be able to cycle, walk and skateboard round their neighbourhoods? For kids to be able to make more friends locally and get to know their own community?

Do you perhaps want your council to let you close your street for play? Or to ask schools to open their grounds after school and at weekends (as is common in many other parts of the world, indeed in Sweden it’s illegal not to!)?

Whatever you want to change in your local community to make it a better place to play, why not take the opportunity to ask your local MPs and Councillors to Love Outdoor Play! The decisions they make shape the spaces and places children have to play, but do they even realise how important freedom to play outside is to you, to your family and to your local community?

You can download our template letter to help get you started and think about what you want to say. Individual accounts will have a bigger impact, so why not get together with friends, family and the children in your life to make and write something eye-catching?

You can find the names of your Councillors, MP and other representatives at Write to or Direct Gov.

It is your democratic right to ask your Councillor and/or MP to get involved in play, and their democratic responsibility to listen to what you – their constituents – want.

Imagine if everyone who says they think children should have freedom to play sent a message to their MP – we’d be on track to making sure that all children in England have the freedom and space to play outdoors.

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